Our Services

The Centre for Natural Products offers unique expertise to support the needs of industry partners in the natural products and cannabis industries.

We have collaborated over the years with industry partners, funding agencies and applied research institutions to develop new methods, improve products and processes and solve business challenges.

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Why Work with Us?

How We Can Help You

Applied Research Projects

We support innovation by increasing industry access to sector-relevant expertise and technology, including method and process optimization, benchmarking, concept design, testing, feasibility studies, extraction and formulation, and we offer a full range of services to conduct collaborative contract research projects, including tissue culture projects.


The Centre provides a broad scope of analytical testing for the natural products, food, beverages, and cannabis industries, including specializations in:

Tests for the potency of bioactive ingredients, impurities, product chemical and physical characteristics and stability/shelf life reporting are among the most often requested tests.


We can also support customized training opportunities in any of the above areas. If you are considering equipment purchase, we can provide customized trials as well as training after purchase.

How We Work

Step 1

Meet with industry partner to define the problem or challenge.

Step 2

Explore funding options.

Step 3

Collaborate with industry partner on research agreement.

Step 4

Assemble research team and develop protocols.

Step 5

Perform services: applied R&D, testing, training, product strategy, and business support.

Step 6

Provide deliverables.

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