Beverage Testing Services

Beverage Analyzer

Quality management has become a critical differentiator in the beverages industry. To help you meet regulatory and product quality standards, the Centre for Natural Products offers beverage analysis testing services.

There are a number of variables that can be measured to ensure the consistent qualities that a beverage producer is looking for. From color to alcohol strength to specific gravity, these qualities work together to help give any given beverage its unique character.

Testing on packaged end-product samples is conducted in our laboratory in Belleville, using an Anton Paar Beverage Analysis Suite, with the following sample information delivered in report format:

Our standard testing package is available for $100, with bitterness (IBU) testing for beer available at an additional $45 charge. Turnaround is typically within days of receiving your samples.

We can also conduct testing onsite at your location using our portable Anton Paar system to take direct measurements from process lines, tanks, kegs and casks during the production and bottling of beer, wines and ciders. Our professionals will work with you to provide a custom schedule for testing that fits your needs and budget.

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If you are interested in our beverage testing services, click the button below to contact our Manager, Carly Kelly.