WEBINAR | Cheekbone Beauty – Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Action: February 22, 2023

WEBINAR | Cheekbone Beauty – Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Action

Through the Sharing Indigenous Knowledge webinar series, Loyalist College in partnership with Bioenterprise, provides a platform to help raise awareness and understanding related to the valuable role of Indigenous knowledge and entrepreneurship within the current economy.

The first webinar in the series was moderated by Jennifer Tewathahá:kwa Maracle, Loyalist College Director of Indigenous Services, and featured Jenn Harper, founder of Cheekbone Beauty.

Cheekbone Beauty celebrates Indigenous culture and teachings that place a particular emphasis on the deep connection to nature and the land lived on. This can be seen through Cheekbone Beauty’s focus on using sustainably sourced ingredients and minimal waste packaging.

“As Indigenous people we have an innate connection to the land, earth, and water,” says Jenn Harper. “We use concepts from Indigenous wisdom married with western science to make and create products, and to think of how we’re putting products into the world and how we want to be a part of a new way of doing business. We know our ancestors constantly watched and mimicked nature without wasting anything. As a brand, we can’t mimic nature perfectly, but we do our best to try.”

We invite you to watch the webinar recording to hear more about Cheekbone’s journey and their business model.