G-Pharma Collaborates with CNPMC to Transform Ginseng Extract for Wider Customer Acceptance

G-Pharma, an Ontario-based Canadian company specializing in concentrated American Ginseng extract, partnered with the Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis (CNPMC) to change the production of their concentrated liquid form into a dry powder form, which would be more suitable to a majority of customers.

With the help of researcher Barb Allen from Loyalist College, they were able to achieve the first goal of their project to create a successful product for the market. 

Read on to learn more about their experience working with CNPMC and their plans for the future.

Tell us your company story.

G-Pharma is an Ontario-based Canadian company and our flagship GinEx products are deep processed and concentrated American Ginseng extract made from Ontario-grown American Ginseng roots, which are available in 30ml, 100g, and 240g bottles.

GinEx contains high concentration of ginsenosides and poly-saccharides and is specifically designed to have very high absorption rate, making it highly effective at reducing stress, improving strength, focus and boosting the immune system.  GinEx is a Canadian Licensed Natural Health Product (NPN) and is produced by a GMP-certified pharmaceutical company in Canada.

Our mission is to innovate the ginseng market, by bringing new generations of measurable, high quality, and effective Canadian ginseng products to market. By changing the perspective of ginseng, we strive to elevate Canadian ginseng products to global markets. Within five to ten years, we will have several value-added American ginseng products in North American markets and our goal is to have our products become the major exported forms of Ontario produced American ginseng roots.

Tell us about why you came to the Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis.

We are a member of Natural Products Canada (NPC) and we read about the Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis in the NPC newsletter and thought that the CNPMC might provide the technical supports that would solve our problems and help us save time and money.

Our concentrated and pure forms of American ginseng products are liquid. They are very strong and effective but also have a very strong bitter taste. We needed to increase market acceptability in order to achieve our goals and find a way to deliver the products more easily and effectively, in a format accepted by a majority of customers. To do so, we investigated changing production of our products from concentrate liquid form into a dry powder form.

Dry ginseng powder can be used in different ways; concentrated ginseng powder can be used to make tablets, capsules and even mixed with other herb extracts to make different forms of products containing high quality ginseng extracts.

This high-quality ginseng extract will help us to reach more customers. Not only will retail customers accept this form of product, we can also sell our products to industrial customers in health food sectors and cosmetic sectors. Furthermore, we can use this ginseng extract powder to make value-added ginseng products that will help export of Ontario produced American ginseng roots, which will help the Ontario ginseng industry over the long run. 

Tell us about your experience.

Working with Loyalist College is a very pleasant experience. Carly Kelly, who is the Manager, took the time to understand our project and what we needed. We then met with Researcher Barb Allen to work out a detailed plan to solve our business problem. Her expertise and dedication towards this project really stood out. She helped us identify the proper methodology, found great solutions and provided us with great results.

Tell us about the results.

We worked on this project with a private company before but ended up with no results. Working with Loyalist College through the wet granulation process, we were able to obtain dry ginseng powder from our liquid ginseng product. We have achieved the goal for our first stage and now in the next stage we are looking for results that can quantify the powder.

Working with Loyalist College has been great, and we believe our collaboration will result in a successful product to market.