bathintentions Partners with CNPMC to Improve Shower Steamer Formulation

Dinah Ener, bathintentions founder, during one of her visits at the CNPMC

bathintentions, an artisan bath and body company that handcrafts self-care products from earth-sourced ingredients, partnered with the Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis (CNPMC) to reformulate their flagship shower steamers.

The research projects support bathintentions’ mission to craft high-quality self-care products while honouring the spirit of Alaya, their co-founder, to inspire customers to prioritize self-care in their daily lives.

Keep reading the story below to learn more about the partnership between bathintentions and the CNPMC at Loyalist College.

Tell us your company story.

bathintentions is an artisan bath and body company that handcrafts self-care products from earth-sourced ingredients with a little bling to stimulate your senses. Our story is rooted in love, resiliency and the power of community.

bathintentions is a family-owned company that came to life during the most challenging of times and thanks to the love and support of our family, friends, staff, and community. Our girl, Alaya, was known for her determination, resiliency, boundless energy, and a wicked set of eyebrows. She was a creative genius and co-founder and brought together her love of life and fierce determination to not only help build a business she loved but also battle and be treated for cancer over six times. Alaya left this earth and her spirit went home in September 2018. Dinah, mom, and co-founder, rebelled against the difficult circumstances with bold, ingenious ideas to ensure the fruition of the family’s vision. We believe that business and life, is about caring and strong relationships through good and bad times. With that, we carry on our programs, product innovation and life, by honouring Alaya’s spirit at the core of everything.

bathintentions thrives to bring innovation to self-care bath products. We aim to mainstream handcrafted products making it easier for customers to access quality.


Tell us about why you came to the Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis.

Customer experience is at the centre of all we do. bathintentions wants to offer the best relaxation experience to its customers so we approached the CNPMC to support us in reformulating our flagship shower steamers to prolong the length of each disk. Innovating this market will enable our small company to compete not only Nationally, but also on the International market.


Tell us about your experience.

bathintentions has benefitted from invaluable expertise from the CNPMC. The team has introduced ingredients that can truly impact the quality of the product and has offered their knowledge and expertise to support us. But more importantly, they have also given us confidence to initiate contributing to the research and development process.

Communication has been fluid and has shaped the project as we have progressed towards the perfect product. We have learned so much about bringing a product to market; we have discussed the many challenges faced for a small company scaling up with limited resources and felt that the team is truly available for us.


Tell us about the results.

Our first project completed with the CNPMC increased the duration of the shower steamers to expand to more than one use, including the manufacture of a new modified release and new formulation with disintegration/dissolution characteristics to last for multiple shower applications.

The current project involves further development of the multi-use shower steamer to optimize size, friability and cost of ingredients. The target is to achieve the same aromatic quality in a formulation that is not breakable after drying and packaging.


To learn more about bathintentions’ products, visit their website.