Validating Cannabinoid Test Methods

Canadians want information to make informed choices on the products they consume, and this applies to cannabis as well as other retail products. Cannabis products are labelled with cannabinoid concentrations, specifically THC and CBD, which are the active ingredients and must be displayed on the label to help consumers make informed choices.

For these THC and CBD concentrations to make their way to the label, cannabis products undergo complex lab testing which requires a validated method. Validation ensures that accurate and precise concentrations are provided every time the product is tested. The Centre worked with VIVO Cannabis Inc. to validate their HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography) Cannabinoid Test Method to make sure it delivers accurate and precise concentrations every time a product is tested. This validation of a test method includes looking at every detail of the testing operation including preparation of the sample, training and consistent execution of the test by the scientists, and conditions of the test equipment.

The collaborative effort performing these tests at the Centre and VIVO resulted in a successful validation of the HPLC method to test for cannabinoids in dried flower buds.