Solving a 30-year-old Industry Challenge

Kingston Aluminum Technology Inc. (KAT) solved a 30-year-old industry challenge tackled by some of the largest companies and many of the leading experts in aluminum technology – how to customize the shape of a lightweight aluminum bottle on a commercial production line. KAT’s blow molded aluminum bottle is a game-changer in the bottling industry. KAT is providing a practical alternative to PET and glass bottles with real environmental benefits.

One of the key markets that KAT hopes to service is the cannabis beverage sector. Canada is taking the lead on Cannabis 2.0 products like cannabis beverages, and the demand is high for environmentally friendly sustainable containers that are child resistant, and retain the potency and quality of beverages, a key production concern. This is a massive challenge for industry because containers and liners can greatly impact the acceptable range of cannabinoid potency and stability, impacting marketability.

With funding from the NRC IRAP Tech Access Interactive Visit program, the Centre worked with KAT to develop a plan to investigate superior aluminum bottle liners to mitigate known losses of cannabinoids on the surface of packaging materials used for beverages. This project involved sourcing novel cannabinoid infusions and emulsions to test different liner polymers.

The Centre is now using its expertise in green technology and cannabis to test different sustainable liner options to match the quality of KAT’s recyclable aluminum bottles. Funding from GreenCentre Canada’s CONNECT program to advance this initiative will move KAT, a privately-held Canadian company, closer to commercial success in the Cannabis 2.0 market.