Exploring Hemp Germination in Space

Since 2004 Royal Development Group Inc. has managed to create portfolios to meet long-term financial goals for the company and for its clients. Royal Development Group Inc. (RDG) plans to conduct research with hemp/cannabis on the International Space Station (ISS).

Through a Mitacs Accelerate internship, a project investigated the feasibility of growing Cannabis/Hemp in space and on the International Space Station for astronauts on deep space missions and beyond. Cannabis/Hemp is an ideal crop for this purpose as it is a highly productive species creating significant amounts of oxygen, essential nutrients, and various products (including food, medicine and shelter, biodiesel, textiles, oils, and plastics once processed to name a few).

As human space exploration increases in frequency and reaches further into the unknown, astronauts will require effective means to sequester carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, and various plant-based products. Establishing Cannabis/Hemp cultivation in space could provide many advantages and benefits to space-dwelling populations in the next few years and also applications that benefit the human race, animals, and the ecosystem on Earth.