Barb Allen

Barb has been associated with the Centre since 2019, where she applies her past work in R&D, project management, and mentoring, with her extensive experience as a highly regarded professional in the pharmaceutical sector; where she led formulation and product development teams, designed method validation and quality control.  She is also a faculty member and Coordinator for the Biosciences and Natural Technologies programs.

We are fortunate to have a researcher of such high caliber associated with the Centre. Barb brings more than 25 years of industrial and management experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working for companies including Astra Zeneca, Glaxo-Smith Kline and Purdue Pharma.  Barb has been a member of several college program advisory committees and has contributed to the development of programs and courses related to analytical chemistry, pharmaceutics, and cosmetics.  As a compliment to her industrial career, she has been teaching for more than 30 years at Seneca, Durham and Loyalist Colleges. Barb completed her BSc with a major in chemistry as well as a MSc in biochemistry from the University of Toronto.